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January 9, 2013
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                They are in the guy’s car. His radio is playing Dead Mouse, but the girl has her earbuds in and she is listening to P!nk. There is an awkward silence in the car and just a hint of tension. The girl flinches when her phone vibrates. When she looks at her phone, it was her mom. She taps her friend; he then turns the radio off.


Girl: Hey mom, what is it that you need? (On the phone)


Mom: What I need is for you to get your stupid, skinny ass over to the apartment, RIGHT NOW!


Girl: Alright mom, see you in a lil’ bit. (Hangs up before her mom can say anything else) ugh!


Guy: your mom? (Hint of sympathy in his tone)


Girl: you can say that … (she trails off. She hated it when things came up about her mom. They always fought and they would always argue. So she would always try to leave the house when she didn't have to be cleaning the house or watching her little brother)


Guy: so where is your house again?


Girl: I live in an apartment, go to manor avenue.


Guy: (silently drives. The level of awkwardness increases.)


Girl: (shifts in the seat uncomfortably) see that apartment complex, the two story one, I live there.


Guy: (pulls into the parking lot and unlocks the car doors, he then steps out the car.)


Girl: (gets out of the car as well) thanks for dropping me off, I guess I’ll see you at school then.


Guy: yah, I guess I’ll see you there, if I don’t see you before, merry Christmas.


Girl: a merry Christmas to you too, bye.


Guy: bye … (gets back in the car)


Girl: (walks to the apartment doors and looks over her shoulders and waves goodbye)


Guy: (waves back and drives away)


Girl: (sighs and walks up the stairs to the apartment door marked D, she pulls out her keys, unlocks the door, and walks inside.) Hey mom, I’m home!


Mom: Finally you got here, I gotta go! (The girl’s mom was a chubby woman, average height. She was putting on dangly earrings, she had a nice top and nice pants. She had make-up on and had her hair done.)


Girl: Mom where are you going?


Mom: It’s none of your business, start working on the house work! (Mom grabs her purse and keys, she walks to the door.) I won’t be back until tonight, so you are babysitting until I get back. (She leaves)


Girl: (Sighs and pulls out the vacuum cleaner from the coat closet. A little boy popped out of a room)


Little Boy: Sis, can I play my DS? (Her little brother had light brown eyes, and black hair. He had a long sleeve shirt and jeans.)


Girl: Go ahead lil’ bro. (Checks her phone for a second and puts it in her pocket. She began vacuuming the house. The girl finishes her house cleaning and plops down in the living room. She turns on the DVD Player and the movie “Pitch Perfect” started. After a while her best friend began texting her.)




Friend: wat up?


Girl: nthing much, just watchin a movie. U?


Friend: nthing much either, so how was dat lil date?


Girl: it wasn’t a date! But it was fine, a lil awkward but fine.


Friend: but u wished it was a date, didn't u.


Girl: whatever! XP


Friend: if u say so …


Girl: so gurl, wat u doin?


Friend: watchin anime.


Girl: I should watch some later.


Friend: cool text me later, the episodes are gettin good, like really good, bye


Girl: bye.


The girl smiles at her phone and puts it away to watch the movie. There is suddenly a knock on the door, so she gets up and answers the door. It was her little brother’s dad; he came to pick up her little brother. Her little brother runs to his dad and glomps him, he then gets ready and they leave. The girl was left alone, which was fine by her. Suddenly her phone rings, she looks at the phone and sees the guy was calling her. So she answered …


Girl: hello?


Guy: hey do me a favor.


Girl: what? Don’t expect me to do anything crazy!


Guy: (laughs) no, no, no relax! Don't get you panties in a knot.


Girl: oh whatever (she does let out a giggle though)


Guy: okay, I want you to look out the window or the patio window thingy.


Girl: (giggles) thingy? Alright if you say so (looks out the window and sees him standing out on the apartment lawn. She has a completely surprised look on her face, all he does is smile.)


Guy: surprise!


Girl: c’mon in, you must be freezing.


Guy: I am (hangs up the phone and walks out of view)


Girl: (runs to the door, unlocks it, and flings it open)


sorry its taking me a long time to get it all done
EdwardElricLover12 Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Please write a part 5!!~
veronicle Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i'll get started today!!!
EdwardElricLover12 Jan 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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